Archives: the 1930s

The Hinsdale, Illinois Branch of the American Association of University Women was chartered on October 6, 1934, with the following fourteen members:

Mrs. F.A. Bauer                 Mrs. H.B. Lundberg

Miss Adelaide Berry        Mrs. N.H. Mark

Mrs. P.S. Dickinson          Dr. Alice McNeal

Miss Laura Durgin            Mrs. L.G. Milligan

Mrs. Paul  Germann        Miss Inez Morrow

Mrs. W.R. Jordan              Mrs. A.J. Peterson

Mrs. A.L. Kirkpatrick        Mrs. Henry Roeder

The first meeting included guest speakers from AAUW in Western Springs and LaGrange, who spoke about the work being accomplished by their respective organizations. Mrs. Dickinson served tea.  The year’s project was serving in an advisory capacity to high school girls in Hinsdale as they chose schools for higher education. A “College Advisory Tea” was given in March 1935 for high school girls.  Members carted card tables to the old high school and “tried to figure out how to arrange them and also have a tea table not too far from the domestic science room. “

The 1930s were, as noted in the branch’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, “tempest and storm and the peaceful time of growth…storms and shadows, depression and inflation, world unrest, bitter wars. But there were also the quiet times of thought, inspiration, and peace.  Often showing high courage were the women who, in their homes, their churches, their service clubs and community activities, kept alive the eternal flame of vigilant light of civilization.”

Interest groups were an important part of the larger organization, and most members participated in the International Relations group.